Product name: Optical fiber adapter duplex


Product Details:
SC fiber optic adaptors are all with plastic housing, there are different colors: blue for single mode PC, green for single mode APC. SC fiber optic adaptors are flange type. SC fiber optic adaptors are simplex adaptors and duplex adaptors.

Insertion Loss (dB): ?0.20dB
Repetitiveness (dB): ?0.10dB
Interchangeability (dB): ?0.20dB
Plug times: >500times
Tensile strength: 200~600G
Operating temperature -25—+85
Storage temperature -40—+110
Humidity: 95%RH (Non-Packaging)
Sleeve material : Zirconia
Housing Material : Plastic
Exactitude size
Easy Installation
In Compliance with Bellcore 326 and TIA/EIA 604 Standard

CATV System
Optical Networks
Testing / Measurement Instruments
Fiber To the Home

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