Product name: Pigtail SC/UPC SM

Product Details:
The SC fiber pigtails are one of the earliest stype and one of the most commonly used fiber optic pigtail, it is convenient to use and cost saving – It is the most cheapest type fiber optic pigtail. SC fiber pigtails are widely uesed in fiber optic networks. SC fiber pigtail is with zirconia sleeve and plastic housing.

Telecommunication networks
Local Area Network
CATV Networks
Active device termination
Data System Networks
Features & benefits:
Fiber Type : OS1(9/125)
Connector Type Polishing : SC/UPC SC/APC
Fiber Cable Jacket Type: PVC /LSZH /OFNR; Various color
0.9 mm
Insertion loss <0.20dB,
Return loss UPC>50 dB, APC>60 dB
Radius of curvature nm 10 < r >25
Curvature eccentricity um <50
Fiber core undercut nm <50
Insertion loss change< 0.1,Return loss change< 5, No flab, No distortion
Repetitiveness(dB):Insertion loss change< 0.1,Return loss change< 5
Compliant with : JIS C-5973, IEC RoHS
100% tested and exceed industry standard specifications for insertion loss, return loss, and endface geometry.
Fully tested cables to ensure superior quality and durability

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