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BDCOM S3740F 10G Routing Switche

 BDCOM S3700 Series is a new generation of aggregation 10G switches introduced by

Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., LTD. It is targeted at the IP MAN (metropolitan area

network), campus networks and enterprise networks. It is developed on the basis of high

performance hardware and BDROS – a software platform with BDCOM own independent

intellectual property rights. It supports multiple services like IPv6, MPLS, VPN and network

security based on L2/L3/L4 wire-speed switching service. It also supports nonstop upgrade,

continuous forwarding, graceful restarting and redundancy protection.

BDCOM S3700 Series has 4 models: S3740, S3756, S3740F and S3756F. It supports

maximum 48 Gigabit ports and 8 10G ports.




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